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IP PBXs provide Large Corporation features at Small Business prices and we have identified a solution that could transform the way you do business. The future of business communications lies in Voice over IP or VOIP, the benefits of an IP PBX are similar to yet different to a general VOIP system, clearly there are cost benefits related to network convergence, using your existing network to carry both data and voice. There are also benefits that can be gained from cheaper external calls. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits is the increased manageability, extensibility and upgradeability of an IP PBX. If communications are important to your business the benfits can be profound in terms of cost, efficiency, capability and image.

We can provide you with an IP PBX solution based on Asterisk running on a silent platform with an operator handset and four deskphones utilising your existing network. Running on Linux, Asterisk is a very robust and reliable PBX system and is Open Source. This means you are not locked into expensive vendor hardware solutions and are free to use whatever support or development personnel are available to you. We naturally hope that you will contact us for any future requirements you have.

With our IP PBX these are just some of the features you will benefit from:

  • Music on Hold - a professional image conveyed to your clients
  • Voicemail - accessible on your handset, redirected to email or via a web browser
  • Call Transfer - between extensions or externally
  • Conference - multiple parties joined in a telephone meeting
  • Call Logging - detailed call logging for management analysis
  • Web Administration - administrate your PBX using a web browser
  • Fax (optional) - send and receive faxes via email

For further details about this exciting new product please contact us

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